I’m a pretender. I’m a liar. Whatever you want to call it.
I tell people how mean I really am but they don’t believe me. So then when I go through those weeks of anger and harshness, they think there’s something wrong. No. I just don’t always feel like pretending.
it’s too easy for me to hate the ones I love.
it’s too easy to not give a damn about things that are important.
it’s too easy to be angered by that which I enjoy.
too easy to lie.
the truth is, it’s getting hard to care about anything. It’s hard to care when my friends are angry. It’s hard to care when my family is hurt.

I don’t want peace of mind, I want power.
I don’t want to be humble, I want money.
I don’t want love, I want pleasure.

This is who I am.