sometimes I start thinking that nothing is real. that everything I think and feel is made-up, that the world is a made-up place. I feel like I have to convince myself of everything and then I doubt it all again. it keeps happening over and over and the kids at school think I’m crazy.
life is a big paradox.
see, I have been in love (I think) for…hold on…
since September of last year. so almost two years. I’m trying to figure it all out. is it love, if you get nervous around him sometimes? I’m shy but when he texts me or is coming over to my house, I panic inside. I’m real shy and so is he. we’re gonna be cute together and we need each other — I’m convinced.
to all the females in new york: please please please please please leave Nick alone! don’t you dare think of him the way I do. no one will ever love Nick like I have loved him. I love who he really is, deep down. I love you, Nick “The Man” (LOL).